Tuesday, December 22, 2009

American Music Awards!

I watched the Ama's this year and here is what i thought Janet Jacksons was a little inapproprit but still good but VERY long! I loved Jennifer Lopez's Dance and song i only wish she wouldn't have fell when jumping off the guys back! What was rihannah wearing?? What is Lady Gaga thinking very strange but gets attention very quickly! I loved Leona Lewis's song Happy! WHAT THE!!! I HATE ADAM LAMBERT or how ever you spell it what was he thinking SOOOO inapproprit and very GAY! SOOO HAPPY TAYLOR WON! I was kinda mad because Michal Jackson won over TI and them he is dead he was great but they should have let them have their chance and michal had his!

Happy Birthday to Me!


I have just turned 13 on December 20th and i had a birthday party we were orginally going to go to christmas village but the cake wasn't ready so we ended up getting home 10 minutes before the party and still had to go get the pizzas so my mom just went to get them so we played games while she cooked and got the pizzas we played this game idk what it is called but it was hilarious one person has a blind fold in our case a sleeping mask and 2 wooden spoons and they had to go around the room and try to figure out who the person was using only the wooden spoons! haha! Then we played what if... and ate pizza then we opened preasents and ate cake which was not what i wanted at all i wanted it to be dark navy and he gave my neon truquoise and i wanted bavarian cream in the middle of the cake but was only in the very middle and not on the edge pieces the edge pieces had frosting in the middle and it weight like 15lbs because of all the frosting! It was also very uneven and bumpy it looked like a cartoon cake i could have made a better one! Then we played mad gab and we all rode to bailee's party together! I got a adorable black and white hat, a hollister shirt, and a camera from my mom then i got 20$ from my grandma and grandpa bybee and a 10$ gift card, snoman socks and a lipgoss from my grandma daleen then i got cute moccasins from dylan, this yummy smelling lotion and mints from kade, a bag from lex, a scarf and 3 lipglosses from colton! A scarf and slipper boots from river, a little make up bag and amber lotion and shower gel and a scrubby thigy from drea, a cute necklace from mal, a adorable peace shirt from madi, this worderful smelling lotion and perfume from pink from Kaden, i got nutmeg vinilla cinnamon lotion and shower gel and this cool snoflake soap and a symphony bar and a lip smacker lipgloss from katelyn, cute pj pants from shaylee, a 10$ I TUNES card from tyler! It was so much fun!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surprising News

Today when I got home from school my brother called with some surprising news that we have another niece that's named Hailey and is already 7 months old! He actually had just found out he had a daughter too! So now I have 3 nieces and 4 nephews and 1 on the way but we don't know what the Bybee Baby is yet! So my family is obviously getting bigger we have My parents Steve and Stacey. Steve who had Jaycee and Trevor. Stacey who had Travis. Then Steve and Stacey who had Madison, Me, and Morgen. Then Jaycee who had already Jaxon married Jody who already had Averie and had Teagan so it's Jaycee, Jody, Averie, Jaxon, and Teagan. Trevor who married Chantel and had Brooks and is expecting a baby. And Travis who had Braedon, Jesse, and Hailey. We are one big happy family Steve, Stacey, Trevor, Jody, Jaycee, Chantel, Madison, McKennah, Morgen, Averie, Jesse, Jaxon, Brooks, Braedon, Hailey, Teagan, and Baby Bybee.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Baby Girl

My sister just had her sweet baby girl on September 4th! Her name is Teagan Lynn Rasmussen! She is such a cutie! She is soooo small she weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and she was 20 inches long! Her parents are my brother-in-law and sister Jody and Jaycee Rasmussen! But Seriouly she is the cutest baby i have ever seen! Here are some pics of the little angel!
Jaycee and Teagan!

Teagan she is such a peaceful sleeper!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girls Camp

This summer i went to girls camp for the first time it was way fun a EXTREMLY HOT! We went to Manaway just right outside off Brigham! It was super fun thanx to Jodi, My mom and Stephanie for setting it up for us and Trevor, Jeff, and Tony! We went on a hike, water balloon volleyball, water fights, marshmello wars, ogaboga, skits, campfires, making churros and smores, we had cafe rio, pancakes, eggs, hogi sandwiches, and lots more! The only thing I didn't like was that we coulnd't do any pranks! We had tons of fun! Here are some pictures of us!

RyRy Shae, Savannah, McKennah, and Mckayla
at the logan temple for young womensMe, Madi, Savannah, Rylee, and Abbey on the hike

All of us on our hike!
Not really a hike cause we just walked around a lake!

Top row: Bridgett, Stacey, Rachel, Kierstynn, McKennah, Mckayla, Avie, Sue, Cara, Marque, Debbie, Jade. Middle Row: Stephanie, Siera, Sariah, Shaelynn, Amanda, Camry, Abby, Malyssa, Madi M, Bottom Row: Alex, Ashley, Candace, Madi B, Savannah, Tierra, and Jodi!

Haha i really like camping but, yet i am still wearing hollister!

The Indian Story!

Rose, Bridgette, Ashley, Stacey, Jodi, Debbie, Jade, Cara, and Stepanie

All the Leaders!Me and Mckayla! We were really hot!

Madi's team the Modest Mermaids doing their cheer!Madi's team doing their skit

The Sea monkeys doing their cheer!

My cheer haha The Red Hot Surfers!! I came up with the name!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

7th Grade

I love Jr. High because I have all my friends with me, the lunches are better, we have lockers, and i have 7 teachers I was way scared at first, but now it's way fun! Here are some pics of the first day of Jr. High!!

Me! I look like I'm Still asleep haha
Me and McKayla on our First day of Jr. High
Me, McKayla, Madi, Colton, and River!
Us gettin on the bus

Monday, April 6, 2009


On Saturday we had a dance competition at the Energy Solutions Arena. When we got their Lacee took me to our dance team's, Electric Youth Extreme or EyE, room we got our bandannas on and practiced a few times then De'von said that he was going to perform with us.(He's our Hip Hop teacher)Every one was soooo excited! I had to hurry and put my tights on. Then we went out to wait and we put our lip gloss on and we practiced a few more times. Then we went out from the tunnel and onto the side lines there were a few dances before us so we waited and then we got in line and they called our name. We went on to the jazz floor and we got in out places and the music started Michelle teaches us to count our dance I start counting but then I don't need too it just comes naturally and my body just knows what to do and when. We did GREAT!! We went back to our dressing room and McKayla, My mom and Lacee came in they all told us good job and decided to take Me,Bailee and Alexis out to lunch before our next dance so we all went outside and we drove over to the Gate Way and we went to Apple Bee's and then we went to shop! We went to Ambercrombie and I got a navy and white striped long sleeved shirt for next year, a navy swim suit cover up and a navy and white striped bag for my backpack next year! As you can see I like navy, but that's like the only store I get it at! Then we went to Aeropostal and I got a blue,green, and white jacket and a turquoise shirt! Then we went to Hot Topic and we tried on these puffy skirts and scarfs, but they got mad at us because we took pictures then we went to Clair's and we tried on hats and look at some earrings. Then we went to take our bags to the car and we walked back over to the Energy Solutions Arena and Me, Alexis and Bailee changed and played around for about an Hour then we practiced a few times and we fixed our hair and redid our make-up. Then we put lipgloss on and we went out there were like 4 dances before ours and then we lined up and we walked out, but they made us come back because they had a judge switch places then we went and lined us again and walked in and they said the judges weren't ready so they made us come back again and then they said ok Electic Youth Front And Center Ready To Perform and we lined up and went in then they started the music and again it came naturally! When we came off stage we ran back into our dressing rooms and we talked for about 15 minutes then Me,Bailee,Lacee,My mom and McKayla walked back over to The Gate Way and we went down into the parking lot and went home! We found out we took 1st in out Hip Hop to Church! I still don't know about our Jazz Dance to Raining Men!

Me at my dance competition!Alexis, Me, McKayla, Bailee at Hot Topic! Well the bottom half of us!lolMe, Bailee, Mckayla and Alexis at the Gate Way!Me doing my dance!Me at the Competiton in SmithField!Us doing our Hip-Hop dance to Church! With De'von!Us entering for our Jazz Dance to Raining Men! Me and McKayla at my dance competition!Bailee, Alexis, Kennidy, and Me!!Us at Apple Bee'sUs doing our hip-hopHaha and last, but NOT least! haha I don't think I need to say anymore!